During the first years of its existence, the partnership that was established between the Caporal and The Moretti families in 1942 witnessed the global rapid evolution in electrical technology. Caporal & Moretti, rising as a main supplier of branded electrical and electro-mechanical products and equipment seized the opportunity to secure a large base of contracting activity.

The Company went on to expand into several peripheral fields and related technical applications, including the telephone and telex industry.
Its core activities, mainly in the wholesale and retail business of consumer-oriented products, awarded the Company a major share of the Lebanese markets.

In 1970, the partnership was incorporated into Caporal & Moretti S.A.L., managed by a shareholders’ system and a board of directors. All activities and personnel were transferred from Caporal & Moretti to the new organization.


Until the mid 1970s, with the growing market demand for advanced technologies and by participating in major public tenders – primarily for the Lebanese electrical and telecommunication infrastructure, the Company grew in scale and acquired a solid reputation.

In recent years, Caporal & Moretti S.A.L. has been restructured and has adopted a more efficient approach to meet modern market demands.
Four companies empowered by skilled engineers trained in Europe and the United States fall under its wings to provide products, services, and integrated solutions in the electrical, communication, and security fields.